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Poschl Redbull snuff

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Jaxons raspberry Menthol Large Tin

Price: £2.73
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Hedges L260 Snuff Large Tin

Price: £3.20
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Poschl Gawith Apricot snuff

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Jaxons Apricot Menthol Slider 10g

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SP No.1 Snuff Large Tin

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Poschl snuff
Poschl snuff Tabak founded by Alois Poschl, a former snuff salesman, have been manufacturing and providing snuff for over 100 years. Since 1902 when Poschl Tabak was founded in Landshut, Bavaria by the late Alois Poschl on December 24th, the company has seen growth of over 33 million tins of nasal snuff sold a year.
Jaxons Snuff
Jaxons snuff has been established since 2007. The snuff is made here in the North of the Uk. The snuff is made using methods and machinery from the past. NSF is a mild medium coarse snuff fine ground NSF dark. SP : Fine medium - dry moisture texture with a light brown consistency
Hedges Snuff
The Hedges L260 is one of the most famous snuff's produced in the U.K. and holds worldwide recognition as being a high quality classic. It is a medium strength snuff with an addition of an invigorating Menthol flavour. Hedges snuff is a Medium to fine ground snuff and is fairly moist which, provides a good tingle yet is still suitable for the less experienced.
J  H Wilsons Snuff
J and H Wilson Snuff made in the UK. 1833, Joseph and Henry Wilson separated from their cousins ​​William and George (the Sharrow Mills operated) and opened a competing company. In 1953, the company was sold to Imperial Tobacco
McChrystal's snuff
McChrystal's snuff recipe for this famous blend of tobacco and menthol oils is a closely-guarded secret, known only to handful of people in the last 70 years. This product is sold in 3.5gram tins and is a great taste to starting Snuff Bigger tins will be available soon McChrystal's Snuff is one of the world's top brands, selling millions of tins and growing in popularity.
Fribourg and Treyer Snuff
The success of Fribourg and Treyer saw them expand to other "upper end" locations and at the height of their success they also operated shops in the equally famous Burlington Arcade as well as at Oxford and Cambridge! In the 1970s they were acquired by Imperial Tobacco and as "urban legend" has it, they could not afford to renew their lease at the Haymarket so they moved to a new location on Regent Street in London. However, that was short-lived and this famous old shop was permanently closed and its snuff and tobacco recipes sold. Today Fribourg and Treyer is remembered primarily for its' snuff
Wilsons of Sharrow Snuff
Seven generations of the Wilson family have followed Thomas at Sharrow Mills and the business is still wholly owned and run by members of the Wilson family. Sharrow snuffs were originally sent out in barrels, boxes and pigs’ bladders. Today a wide range of packing is available and snuff is made in an increasing number of flavours.
Samuel Gawith snuff
All Samuel Gawith’s comes in a handy pocket sized tin, that easily fits into your pocket or handbag, and therefore it can be used for ANY occasion, wherever you want to go. It comes in a variety of flavours to tempt the tastes of all customers. Medium moist snuff ground fine.
Gawith Hoggarth snuff
All Gawith Hoggart Kendal comes in a handy pocket sized dispenser tin, that easily fits into your pocket or handbag, and therefore it can be used for ANY occasion, wherever you want to go. It comes in a variety of flavours to tempt the tastes of all customers. Medium moist snuff ground fine.
Toque Snuff
Toque Snuff is a Snuff Tobacco seller. Selling over 50 different flavours. With the odd limited edition flavour also being available.
Molens snuff
De Ster and De Lelie (The Star and The Lily) are the only operational snuff and spices windmills in the Netherlands. The mills belong to the city of Rotterdam. Stichting De Kralingse Snuif en Specerijen Compagnie De Ster en De Lelie carries out the production of snufftobacco and grinding of spices.
Bernard Snuff
The Bernard Tobacco Company has been popular for it´s traditional snuff-tobacco production for 280 years. Aside from snuff-tobacco, the progressiveness of the snuff-tobacco-manufacturer Bernard is to accentuate. The companies history shows the roots of industrialization not in the 19th century, but in the manufacturing of the 18th century.
Silver Dollar Snuff
Silver Dollar nasal snuff is a rich and traditional nasal snuff, created with the finest select tobaccos. Widely considered a more Germanic style of snuff, Silver Dollar has a medium grind and has a mere hint of moisture for ease of use. Ten great flavors that range from traditional tobacco to fresh fruit, all contain a touch of menthol to provide pure enjoyment to both the experienced and beginning snuff taker.
Swedish Match Snuff
Swedish Match has a market leading position in the Scandinavian snuff market. Swedish Match is well positioned as the third largest moist snuff company.
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