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Nasal Snuff Tobacco Product Detail

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Poschl Gletscherprise snuff
Product ID PGP
Poschl Gletscherprise snuff
Poschl Gletscher Prise A 10g dispenser filled with menthol snuff tin with added Columbia oil

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Ice cool pleasure

- 29/08/2014

Plenty of menthol, like sniffin a glacier, it also smells a little lile a mild, freah beer to me. Must have.

Great Stuff

- 07/03/2010

Smells excellent, i really enjoyed this it feels great to sniff.

Very nice with a few Heffa Wisens

- 28/07/2009

I was receantly introduced to this menthol snuff on a summer's evening in Germany by a Bavarian.

It's quite nice and gives you a little buzz, but also clears your airways when you're feeling a bit drunk and full after a nice big dinner. It is so chea...

Poschls menthol

- 15/05/2009

I used to take snuff over nearly 30 years ago in South Africa, when I worked underground in the Gold mines. I stopped in the mid 1980's when I moved back to the UK and also quit smoking. I now live in Spain and have rediscovered the pleasure of snuff and ...

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