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Poschl Redbull snuff Reviews for the product - Poschl Redbull snuff (Back to product)
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Red bulll

- 25/10/2019

Great strong menthol and eucalyptus hit initially overpowering but it settles down as more complex...... my usual is mcchrystalls o and g this is more medicated but still a great snuff.
Given chance to mature in the nose it’s much more than just a menthol hit!

Proper snuff.

- 08/04/2019

Good strong snuff that will clear your sinuses. A must have.

Proper snuff.

- 08/04/2019

Good strong snuff that will clear your sinuses. A must have.

very nice

- 30/12/2018

Very good and strong snuff product . would recommend to try !

Wake up!

- 02/12/2016

Red Bull? Caffeine? Perhaps, but possibly placebo effect, but no matter, it's a really nice hit. I'm new to this particular one and I've just put in another order. Pity a lot of my favourites don't come in 25g packs. And to all ex-smokers or those about to cold-turkey: Be of good cheer! Fatalities from snuff are few and far-between; no tobacco product is safe, but it's all relative, especially when you're whittling your intake down to nil.

First snuff

- 25/09/2016

I really liked Poschl Redbull snuff the menthol hit was great cleared my head and gave me an up lift about 5 minutes later

New to snuff

- 19/01/2016

I'm new to snuff my first product I ordered was red bull. I haven't had a cigarette since I had a blast of it i don't know about waking you up but it gives you a very nice kick of menthol in your nose very nice and if its stopping me from smoking I will be saving alot of money just not a fan of the colour of my tissue lol

Red Bull, strong yet easy to take

- 11/11/2014

I'm pretty new to snuff taking, and this always remains top of my list. I tried a variety (including white elephant no41 which is crazy stuff!)
Just ordered poschl alpina which sounds promising.
But I can't see anything replacing 'red bull', a perfect mix of power and ease of use.


- 11/07/2014

forget about the wings this tobacco gives you a proper kick ;)

Great bit of kit, ideal when on Nights.

- 13/04/2013

Tried it out as my first ever foray in to snuff. Does have quite a menthol hit, followed by a slightly light headed feeling for a minute or two (maybe that's just me), but wakes you up with a bang.

Great Stuff

- 07/03/2010

Like mentioned will wake you up, great for a night out with a few drinks

It will give you wings

- 19/07/2009

Having working nights for 4 years now I know good way to keep you awake when I see one. Strong minty smell going from your nostrils, through your eyes, straight to your brain wipes out any signs of tiredness on its way. And it does work immediately unlike it's liquid name bearer.

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