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Buy Hedges L260 snuff tobacco

Buy Hedges L260 Snuff Tobacco products from us online. By selecting a snuff flavour and product below and adding it to your bag you can purchaseHedges L260 Snuff. The currency converter cannot be updated as the account support period is out of date.
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Hedges L260 The Snuff
Hedges L260 20grams of Snuff in a large sealed tin, 12 tins will be boxed

Price: £3.30
3.66 EUR 4.10 USD
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Jaxons 1869 SP
Light brown SP finely ground high quality snuff tobacco with a hint of menthol and eucalyptus flavour. Presented in a large tin wrapped and sealed with over 20grams of snuff inside

Price: £2.99
3.31 EUR 3.72 USD
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